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SKU: bd_226

Stroker Crankshaft, 60mm [+2.2mm]

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60.3mm (+2.5 Oversize) Stroker Crankshaft for GY6 engines.

Why strokers are important when going BIG

Stroked engines not only have a larger displacement than a stock engine, but there is also a greater amount of torque produced per additional CC when compared to only a bigger bore. This is because a stroker crank produces more leverage than a stock crank. Think of it like this, it is much easier to remove a stubborn rusty bolt with big wrench than with a small wrench, right? A bigger wrench will take that bolt off easier because your hand travels in a larger diameter circle, resulting in more torque being applied directly to that stubborn bolt. It's all about leverage and the same principle applies to the crank shaft of your buggy. A longer stroke means that the piston (your hand) has an easier time turning the crankshaft (the wrench) and ultimately the rear tires (the bolt).

For an explanations on the performance benefits of the +2.5mm Stroker crank, please see our Displacement Tech article.

If crankshaft will not rotate once mounted in place, a bit of material may need to be removed from the top of the oil pump housing to clear.