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STAGE 2: Engine Upgrade Mikuni Carb & A12 Cam

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Authentic Mikuni VM26-606 there are a number of knock-offs out there. We source ours through official Mikuni distribution. Others send out the less expensive 8074 version (for two strokes) instead of the 606. You will receive an actual Mikuni produced "606" carburetor from us.

Comes with 190 main jet from Mikuni. If you have an otherwise stock engine, you will most likely want to start with a 145. If you aren't sure where to start with jetting, contact us for help. Jets available here.

Please note, your original cable will need to be modified to work with this carburetor. The end-ball will need to be rounded down to fit into the slot of the carburetor.

This kit upgrades key components of your engine and is designed to provide an major increase in power throughout the RPM range.


  • 1x Genuine Mikuni Carburetor VM26-606
  • 1x A12 Camshaft
  • 1x Solid Aluminum Intake Manifold

Overall this Carburetor/Cam combination offers a great balance between low-end throttle response and high-end power on the GY6, with a bias of power of the GY6 more towards the mid-range (acceleration) which works very well if you've already upgraded to our STAGE 1 kits. We consider this to be an excellent foundation for further modifying into the 175cc - 185cc class of GY6 engines.

Mikuni VM26 Round Slide Carburetor (with manual choke)

In many situations when tuning your engine you have to sacrifice reliability to gain performance, however with the STAGE 2 package this is not the case. The VM26-606 is a highly reliable carburetor which addresses several of the reliability concerns of the original carb. If you are currently having idling problems, you will notice a much smoother and more consistent idle with the VM26. Also, the VM resists dying when coming to a complete stop, or dying out over bumps. The Mikuni VM series is rooted in the off-road scene where we want that extra grunt, and where the terrain isn't always smooth. That means this carb can take the bumps and jumps, and still provide outstanding performance.

This 26mm carburetor (stock is 24mm) opens up the top-end power of even a stock 150cc GY6, and really makes a difference when combined with other engine modifications. In addition to more power on top, throttle response and low-end grunt are improved from the round-slide design.

Note: Not all VM26 carbs are created equal! This is the proper version of the VM26 for our buggies/scooters. Other VM26 models are for 2-stroke engines and have poor performance on the GY6.

A12 Camshaft

From our experience, we consider the A12 camshaft to be the best grind for our buggies. The A12 places the overall power of the engine lower in the RPM range. When combined with other modifications (S1 Drivetrain Package), you end up with a "sweet spot" of power where the cam and transmission modifications are working together to keep you accelerating within the peak power range of the engine. Scooter owners who have a lot of stop-and-go traffic will also enjoy this sweet spot, which is suited well for acceleration. When paired with the carburetor in this kit, top-end power is maintained and improved due to the higher flow of the VM26.

Solid Aluminum Intake Manifold

Commonly called the "30mm intake", this little beauty is much more durable than the original rubber manifolds. Since it is made of solid aluminum, you will not run into dry rotting or cracks in the manifold body over time like with the original pieces. This larger manifold is higher flowing, and is required for use with the VM26 carburetor.

Solves the dying out on bumpy trails or when coming to a stop.

Manual choke eliminates the auto-choke and gives you full control of warm-up.

Please note, your original cable will need to be modified to work with this carburetor. The end-ball will need to be rounded down to fit into the slot of the carburetor.