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SKU: bd_659

GY6 150cc DC-Fired Electrical Survival Kit

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Don't get stranded without spares!

A sudden electrical part failure will cut your riding short and send you home walking. Get started again quickly with our 150cc Survival Kit!

Priced at a 20% kitted discount. Throw it in your on-board storage container for cheap insurance against the most common electrical failures seen on 150cc vehicles.

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Solid tested parts

There are cheap copies of copies everywhere online. Every component in this kit has been tested to be the best and most reliable version from proven manufacturers. Check out our ignition components in action!

What's included?

Pack 1 Includes:

  • DC CDI
  • Ignition Coil
  • Spark Plug
  • Trigger Module

Pack 2 Includes:

  • Starter Solenoid
  • 2x 15amp Fuses
  • Auto Choke

Both packs are included at this price.


We tested this CDI with an oscilloscope and trigger simulator, and found that it can produce stable spark to 30,000 (thirty thousand!) RPM. Of course, your engine safely tops out at around 11,000RPM. No limiter is needed, or exists.

In Resealable and Watertight Packs


The kit arrives in two resealable packs for repeated use. The quality seal protects from water damage during storage from rain or other precipitation.

Long-term Storage Ready


Our packs are made from high quality Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) with layers of metallized film to protect your parts against Electrostatic Discharge, shielding the electronics from stray electric charges during storage.

While it may (or may not) prove to be EMP proof and Solar Flare resistant during end times, it's already been tested by the manufacturer against even the most statically-charged fingers.

Moisture absorbing desiccant packs are also included to remove moisture from the air inside of the sealed packages, so you can depend on your spares when you need them.

Don't have on-board storage?

We have o-ring sealed Ammo Cans available for any vehicles that has a cargo racks. Get as many as you need to stash tools and supplies for your ride.